SGB Hire case study

Find out how our hire management solutions helped SGB Hire achieve full transparency across the business and more.

SGB Hire case study

Find out how our hire management solutions helped SGB Hire achieve full transparency across the business and more.


Customer Profile

Country: United Kingdom
Industry: Plant / Event Hire

Customer Profile

Country: United Kingdom
Industry: Plant / Event Hire

Key Benefits

  • Improved visibility of assets thanks to more reliable and accurate asset tracking.
  • Detailed data analysis allows informed, key, strategic business decisions to be made.
  • Improved transparency across the business with an alignment of pricing structures and branding.
  • Employees can work with a greater degree of efficiency, saving time for other jobs.

The Challenge

When SGB realised that their current hire software will not be getting any support going forward, they decided that they needed a more modern solution to cater to its needs. Their management team wanted to make important business decisions based on real-time data so that the business could grow, which is something their existing hire software couldn’t offer.

The Solution

SGB wanted to make the best decision when choosing a hire management solution, so they reached out to their suppliers, as well as other hire companies. After hearing positive reviews about MCS-rm, SGB contacted MCS.

After working with MCS, SGB Hire experienced improvements thanks to several MCS-rm features, such as:

Daily Diary

The Daily Diary feature helped SGB be aware of where their assets are at any given time and the date the asset will be returned to their inventory. With this increased visibility, SGB was capable of enhancing its asset utilisation.

Document Management

Thanks to the Document Management feature, SGB no longer had to rely on paper to store their records. This saved them valuable office space and ensured that their valuable data was safely locked away yet accessible.


Initially, SGB had to spend thousands of dollars every year, producing invoices and sending them out. With MCS-rm, this process can be done with the click of a button. This has helped speed up invoicing, freeing up resources.

Split Deliveries

With the Split Deliveries system, SGB can now accurately track which assets were dispatched, which are still on site, and which have been returned to stock. This feature helped SGB avoid losing stock and helped maintain accuracy.


The Reporting feature has helped SGB get a clearer picture and understand which of their assets were the most profitable. This has enabled them to optimise their asset utilisation in a way that helps them garner bigger profits.


The implementation process was smooth for SGB. MCS-rm was integrated seamlessly with their financial system and they received adequate training, ensuring everyone had a full understanding of how the system works.


SGB Hire was very satisfied with MCS’s services and was impressed with their responsive support team. They also felt that with the higher efficiency and responsiveness they achieved thanks to MCS, SGB can grow and attract more customers.


Here are some of the benefits SGB Hire has experienced with our hire management solutions:

  • Self-sufficiency for staff members
  • Easier accessibility of data
  • Improved decision-making
  • Paperless documentation

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"MCS-rm has united SGB as a business, and given employees a better sense of belonging. Thanks to MCS, we are now one company in four locations meaning we can work together to provide the best customer service possible."

SGB Hire

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