Gippsland Hire case study

Find out how our client improves their efficiency and performance with MCS’s hire management software.

Gippsland Hire case study

Find out how our client improves their efficiency and performance with MCS’s hire management software.


Customer Profile

Country: Australia
Industry: Portable Sanitation Hire

Key Benefits

  • Invoices can be rolled over or amended as required.
  • Accurate data exports.
  • Each contract requires less admin time than before.
  • No longer confined to only seeing one area of the software at a time.

The Challenge

Since 2015, Gippsland Hire had been using the same software for their hire management needs. However, as their business grew, their existing hire management software couldn’t keep up with its growing invoice requirements, and due to this, their team had to duplicate data to balance its books between hire software and financial software.

The Solution

After researching various hire management software solutions, Gippsland Hire got in touch with MCS, after being recommended by another hire company. We gave an impressive demo of our services and Gippsland Hire was impressed and confident that MCS could provide them with the ideal hire management software solution.

After working with MCS, Gippsland experienced improvements in several areas of their hire management capabilities, such as:


Back when Gippsland was using their previous hire management software, they could not get an accurate data export and this led to their hire software and financial package not balancing properly.

But with MCS’s software solutions, Gippsland no longer had to worry about exporting inaccurate data to Xero no manual intervention was required. Also, MCS allows Gippsland to roll over invoices and adjust them if the hire period was shorter or longer than expected.

Daily Diary

MCS comes with a feature called the Daily Diary that helps Gippsland keep track of what’s happening with their assets every day.

Asset Management

Now that they have excellent asset management capabilities thanks to MCS, Gippsland can keep an eye on where their assets are and when they will be returned. This has helped them optimise their asset utilisation.


The implementation process was very easy for Gippsland as MCS walked them through every step of the process and also provided the necessary training to help them get started and make the best use of their new hire management system.


Gippsland was very happy with MCS’s services and they now have more time to focus on giving their clients the best service, while MCS’s hire management solutions take care of all other aspects of their business.


Here are some of the benefits Gippsland Hire has experienced with our hire management solutions.

  • Easy invoicing capabilities
  • Faster invoicing transmissions
  • Less time for end-of-the-month reporting
  • Improved asset utilisation capabilities

"Working with MCS is fantastic. We are impressed with the user-friendly and reliable software which is backed up by an amazing support team, who are always able to help us if we have any queries."


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