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Stay in the know with all of our latest

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Monday, 15 May 2023

Staying compliant under many construction equipment laws and regulations can be a challenge when you have a large portfolio of equipment that you’re hiring out. In many instances, plant hire companies often overlook the importance of safety compliance, and this can lead to many consequences.

Businesses that are hiring out construction equipment need to ensure that their equipment is perfectly safe for their clients. Naturally, equipment that’s hired out regularly will experience wear and tear after frequent use, but this fact may be difficult to track unless you have reliable plant rental software to help you.

In addition, clients will want to know how safe the construction equipment they’re hiring is to ensure the safety of their employees. Also, unsafe equipment may lead to clients taking legal action against your company.

Even if your staff visually and technically inspect all your assets to ensure they’re safe to be hired out, information can be lost if they’re not stored in an easily accessible location, such as on a cloud database.

In this blog post, we’ll explore three ways you can use plant rental software to show your customers that your assets are safe to use.

1. Keep track of damage

Construction equipment goes through a lot of punishment during its operation, and due to this, they’re very likely to accumulate damages over time. With each hire, construction equipment may acquire some kind of damage, but keeping track of every bit of damage can be difficult.

More often than not, damage from past hires may be forgotten or records may get lost in cases where the hire company is still using paper documentation to make these records.

When customers encounter these damages, they may question the safety of the equipment they’ve hired and also the reliability of your equipment. To avoid this, you can use plant rental software.

With plant rental software, you can keep detailed records of any damage done to your hire equipment, including the nature of the damage. Also, if the damage was caused by a customer, evidence of the damage can be recorded and the customer can be asked to cover for the damages.

2. Manage regular maintenance schedules effectively

Regular maintenance is paramount for keeping your hire assets in good condition. However, when there are many pieces of equipment that need to be tracked, it can be difficult to schedule maintenance tasks effectively.

With hire software at your disposal, you can effectively schedule maintenance tasks for your employees and also keep track of the maintenance history of your hire equipment. This will allow your company to ensure that all your hire equipment gets the regular maintenance they need in a timely manner.

When customers are made aware of the fact that your hire equipment is given regular maintenance, they’ll have more faith in what you have to offer and are more likely to become repeat customers.

3. Ensure safety certifications are up-to-date

Safety certificates for construction equipment must be kept up to date. These certifications ensure that your equipment is compliant with safety standards and regulations.

However, the problem arises when you have many pieces of construction equipment. In this case, your staff may have trouble keeping up with the status of each piece of equipment’s safety certification. And failing to renew these certifications can lead to legal issues.

In most cases, customers will want to know if the safety certifications of the equipment they’re about to hire out are up to date, as they want to be assured that the equipment is safe for them to use.

This is where hire software can make a difference. This software helps your staff keep records of your equipment, including information about which pieces of equipment need to be certified and the expiration date of the certification.

Experience the benefits of plant rental software

With the help of hire software, you can assure your customers that your hire assets are safe and establish your reliability as a hire construction equipment supplier. If you’re looking for an innovative hire software platform for your company, get in touch with MCS Rental Software today.

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