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Stay in the know with all of our latest

rental news, blogs and upcoming events  

Monday, 10 July 2023

Managing hire operations isn’t easy—especially when there are several moving parts, and even a single drawback can create inconveniences to customers and ultimately your business. In fact, 2021 research revealed that 80% of customers have switched brands due to reasons such as poor customer service, which speaks to the importance of having the right solutions to make sure that your customers are always satisfied—and this is where plant hire solutions can help.

While the benefits of hire software have been largely accepted, how such software helps customers is something that also deserves attention.

If you consider an industry like the construction equipment hire industry, there are several ways that plant hire solutions can help increase customer satisfaction, which is ultimately the goal of any new innovation or development to an existing system process.

So how do hire software solutions help construction companies increase value and convenience for their customers?

Resolves issues quickly

With 46% of customers stating that they expect businesses to reply to their concerns within 4 hours, the need to resolve customer issues faster is critical.

Whether your customers are waiting for a simple clarification on a billing issue or looking for Point of Delivery (PoD) confirmation, the right software can help you capture your information electronically, making it much easier for customers to get the information they need faster without having to raise disputes or file complaints.

Issues can be resolved quickly when you have all the information of a customer’s lifecycle or interaction with your company stored in a single location that’s easily accessible from anywhere.

Keeps customers in the loop

No one likes being kept out of the conversation—especially when the conversation involves them. The same theory applies to customers. If your customers have requested construction equipment for a project, they’ve likely requested the items to be delivered well in advance to ensure that the equipment is ready.

Plant hire solutions allow businesses to dispatch automated alerts based on engineer updates and even delivery. When your customers are updated on the details about their requirements, there’s no need for constant communication that takes up your time and also creates dissatisfaction among customers.

Any changes to the delivery schedule can also be instantly communicated by the delivery driver, eliminating any doubts in the mind of the customer.

Offers reliable and certified equipment

There’s nothing worse than having a critical piece of construction equipment delivered to your customer’s job site that’s unsafe and unreliable. A big part of making sure that the equipment is updated and properly maintained is to have a maintenance schedule.

With plant hire solutions, you can make sure that your equipment is working at its optimum capacity, ensuring that your customers are getting the best-quality equipment. 

Especially when catering to construction companies, the equipment needs to be safe and reliable. If it’s not, it can create big issues for those using the equipment and eventually, your company’s reputation can take a hit.

Plant hire solutions—create a reliable business that customers can count on

Plant hire software is an essential requirement for construction hire businesses, whether they’re working with a limited number of construction items or a large company with many assets that supply to a wider client base.

Customers expect high-quality equipment provided, especially for high-risk industries such as construction where faulty equipment can cause significant damage. Ensuring that you have a system in place to offer customers the solutions they need can go a long way in improving customer satisfaction and securing them as long-term customers.

The importance of creating reliable, dependable, and safe solutions for your customers can keep them from switching to another hire equipment provider. By having the right systems and processes to make hiring equipment simple and convenient, you’re already giving your customers a reason to stay loyal to your brand and perhaps even secure additional leads that you can nurture into being a part of your customer base.

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