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Stay in the know with all of our latest

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Tuesday, 4 July 2023

Recording customer and equipment hire details on a mountain of spreadsheets was the state of operations for a long period in the hire industry where the concept of a hire software agency wasn’t widespread. However, today it’s difficult to imagine a world without software or the latest technology making an impact on industries around the world.

While having a reliable hire software solution is an integral part of any hire business, it will not mean much unless you’ve partnered with the right hire software partner to help implement the tools you’ll be using to effectively manage your entire hire business.

This is why selecting the right partner is a critical component of how successful your software implementation is going to be in the long run and whether you get the best ROI possible. Similar to doing your due diligence when choosing a hire software solution, businesses need to place the same importance on selecting the right software solutions provider.

Here are a few tips to lay the foundation for your search for the right hire software agency.

Read online reviews/testimonials

One of the best and most popular ways to identify whether or not an agency is the right option for you is by checking what past and existing clients are saying about their services.

These reviews can appear on their official website or even on other platforms like the comments section of their social media pages. You can even review their rating on Google My Business (GMB) profiles. Generally, businesses will often only have positive reviews posted on their website so it’s always a good idea to expand your research.

You can even ask the agency to provide you with some names of their existing and past clients and make your own inquiries and reference checks. There’s always a chance that you will get a curated list of clients who have had positive experiences. Therefore, ask around from other similar businesses to get a better idea.

Check their post-implementation support services

Hire businesses using software to optimise their operations is always a stressful time that creates a lot of doubt about the business’s ability to adapt to a new way of working. During and after the implementation process, you may have questions or even come across some areas that you need additional help with after you’ve started working with the software.

A reliable hire software agency will always provide a dedicated account manager or consultant to handle your requirements at any point of your hire software journey. Check whether their customer service department is available—at least during business hours—to help answer your questions or direct your call to someone who can.

If their customer service or your account manager or consultant isn’t available to provide you with the answers you need or you feel that you’re not getting the level of support you need before you invest in their services, it’s likely a sign of things to come and you should probably search for other options.

Track record of innovating to adapt

Software is always changing and even when new technologies are introduced there’s always someone working to create something new and better. This is something that hire businesses need to look out for when selecting a hire software agency.

For instance, today, everyone is moving the majority of, if not all, their operations to the cloud for improved safety and to have an IT infrastructure that’s handled by professionals. This is why reliable hire software solution providers offer regular software updates.

Make sure that the provider you choose has a good track record of keeping up with the latest innovations and is also an innovator themselves adding to their range of hire software features.

Optimise your hire operation with a reliable hire software agency

Hire software solutions come in a variety of sizes—but so do hire software providers. With many companies emerging to streamline operations and create a better working environment for all, it can be difficult to select the right software provider.

Asking the right questions and doing your own research and due diligence can go a long way in helping you select the right option for your business. Whether it’s having insights into the hire industry’s pain points or being available to answer questions or offer support, the reliability of a hire business can be determined by making some simple inquiries and observations that are more valuable to your business than you may think.

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