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Stay in the know with all of our latest

rental news, blogs and upcoming events  

Tuesday, 18 July 2023

mobile rental software

As the hire industry continues to grow and the competition intensifies, businesses need to change their strategies and incorporate innovations and developments such as mobile rental software to better manage their operations.

One of the biggest challenges businesses faced over the last few years is the ability to pivot their operations to adapt to the changing needs of the industry and the customers. Mobile hire software allows businesses to accommodate these changes and more.

If your hire business is still trying to forge a path to transforming its operations or wondering if mobile rental software is the right solution for its business or industry, here are the top 5 features that you need to watch out for that can benefit any industry.

1. Remote accessibility

One of the biggest setbacks over the last few years was the fact that many businesses couldn’t operate from remote locations, hindering their ability to provide services and in some cases, halting their operations indefinitely. 

With mobile hire software, your business can be controlled and managed from anywhere in the world using a single device. With many businesses firmly moving towards—and in some cases having already established—remote working or hybrid working conditions, it’s important to make sure that hire businesses can also adopt the same conditions.

Mobile rental solutions can also help businesses improve their workflows to better manage their operations and also access important documents at any time. For instance, if a customer requires some billing information, a mobile solution can help employees track down the information they need within minutes rather than having to refer to a hardcopy of the billing information lost inside a filing cabinet.

2. Improved organisation

Stemming from easy accessibility, your hire business can organise communications with customers and completely streamline operations to be able to handle any inquiries if your employees are working remotely.

From maximising sales and hire opportunities to nurturing your customers, you can make sure that your entire business can be run from anywhere in the world. 

With a leading CRM system that organises customer information, employees will no longer have to endure extended periods of time searching for information and potentially face an unsatisfied customer due to the turnaround time.

3. Managed delivery processes

One of the biggest drawbacks in the hire industry is the optimisation of delivery. Paper-based processes make it difficult to provide or receive real-time status updates about delivery routes or even changes to delivery routes.

Hire businesses can also deal with last-minute changes and delivery problems quickly and efficiently. Another bonus feature is the electronic signature which has become an important part of the delivery process as more and more people prefer contactless deliveries. 

Having these features available offers businesses the flexibility and freedom to adapt to changes on the go and accommodate a combination of customer preferences.

4. Collected hire equipment

The hire industry is always looking to create more effective and efficient processes when it comes to picking up their equipment from a customer who has hired their items—especially when those items need to be delivered to another location.

Mobile rental software can speed up this process. Your delivery personnel can increase their productivity and improve turnaround times, which are critical in the hire industry. 

If a customer isn’t able to get their equipment in time, it creates a number of challenges for them and your hire business may suffer in the process.

5. Maintained equipment

Another feature that hire businesses can benefit from is the ability to streamline their maintenance activities. For industries such as construction that rely on heavy equipment for all of their projects, it’s important to have equipment that’s properly maintained and safe.

Using a rental software solution, hire businesses can ensure that their equipment undergoes maintenance when required and also keep an accurate record of the equipment that’s available for bookings, avoiding instances of overbookings.

Businesses can also get real-time information on maintenance requirements so that they can stay on top of their schedules without falling behind or hiring out unsafe equipment.

Benefit from mobile rental software solutions no matter the industry

Equipment hire plays a critical role in today’s business landscape—whether you run a construction equipment or party hire company. 

The benefits of mobile rental software can help you transform your business by securing more sales and hire opportunities, boosting customer satisfaction, and increasing the overall efficiency of your hire operation.

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