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Stay in the know with all of our latest

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Monday, 31 July 2023

modern hire software

Modern hire software has several features and while many hire businesses opt to use the features that are most applicable to their requirements, there are a host of benefits that they leave behind.

While it’s not mandatory for businesses to use every feature of the software, if companies are paying for the complete package, having a good idea about how each function works can give them their money’s worth.

Often, businesses know of the existence of these features, but since their operations are running as expected, they overlook the additional benefits these features could provide.

Here are a few examples of the lesser-known benefits of this type of software that businesses could be missing out on.

Scheduling staff

Many think that modern hire software is limited to helping businesses with their equipment hires, delivery routes, maintenance schedules, and other operational requirements. The best hire software solutions, however, give you the ability to manage your entire business—including your staff.

You can clearly define your crew, employees, sub-contractors, and even vehicles, offering you complete visibility into your entire team. You can assign tasks to the right individuals and ensure that your customers are handled with the utmost professionalism.

Equipment hire software is no longer limited to your equipment. The top rental software solutions providers understand that your operations cannot be separated from the employees that drive them. Having the perfect solution that inspires your entire business can help you find holistic solutions.

Assessing telematics

In today’s information age, there’s no such thing as too much information and leading hire software solutions providers know this. Unfortunately, businesses limit themselves to utilising only a fraction of what the software offers, leaving behind a wealth of data that can give them an extra push.

While many businesses are aware of the basic data that hire software offers like equipment monitoring, inventory control, and billing cycles, the majority are unaware that the software has more to offer.

From hours of usage, damages, location information, and out-of-hours activity to how your equipment is being used, modern hire software gives you a complete round-up of your equipment and makes sure that you know everything about your equipment at any given time.

Picking up equipment

One of the biggest setbacks that hire businesses face is failing to achieve the best turnaround times. This is a problem that plagues most industries that rely heavily on supply chains, but software can help overcome this setback. 

While businesses may be aware of the process of picking up equipment, the many features that come with hire software are often forgotten. The right hire software solution allows employees to electronically monitor picking schedules and avoid drawbacks in communication.

In addition, barcode scanning makes the process much easier and faster as multiple stock items can be picked up without delay at a fraction of the material handling and printing costs. Since businesses still hold on to some paper-based processes, such systems create more work than necessary.

When picked-up items are automatically entered into a centralised system, there’s no need for additional paperwork or data input. With real-time updates, anyone in the organisation can access the information they need instantly rather than waiting for warehouse or delivery staff to enter it.

Make the most of your modern hire software features

With many hire software solutions saturating the market, finding the right modern hire software solution can be difficult. Once you’ve found the right partner, it’s important that you have a clear understanding of all the features you have access to and how each feature contributes to your success.

Once you’ve decided on the right software for your business, take a moment to explore all the options available to you and make sure you become familiar with every component since it has the potential to give you greater profitability and functionality.

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