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Stay in the know with all of our latest

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Monday, 3 April 2023

From planning and directing to coordinating and overseeing delivery operations, the responsibility of a transport manager is key when it comes to equipment hire businesses. In addition, they’re also required to ensure that they meet the legal requirements for road haulage.

To perform their jobs effectively and ensure that customers are getting the hire equipment they’ve reserved, transport managers must know what they’re expected to deliver in each delivery run.

What can transport managers expect from RM Web Check-Out?

MCS Rental Software has a licensed feature called ‘RM Web Check-Out’ that enables transport managers to have a complete overview of the deliveries.

Here are some of the features you can expect from RM Web Check-Out:

  • The Check-In process has been replicated as a Check-Out process; this would be when items leave the depot on their own or through a third-party contract
  • Check-Out occurs after picking
  • Check-Out is before the posting stage of a contract
  • MCS-rm is updated as Check-Out is taking place
  • Metre readings are confirmed
  • Notes can be entered, and checklists are completed in RM Web

How does it help transport managers?

When it comes to hire equipment deliveries, aside from ensuring that the delivery arrives at the location on time, the next most important aspect is to make sure that the right items are delivered in the correct quantities.

Any inaccuracies in deliveries can lead to customer dissatisfaction and may even result in loss of future revenue. Having a system in place to ensure that the right deliveries are being dispatched can go a long way in achieving 100% customer satisfaction and—more importantly—repeat business.

This is why with the RM Web Check-Out feature, transport managers can:

Carry out checklists

Before loading up the truck or lorry, you must understand what needs to be in the truck for delivery. Having a checklist where you can cross-check the hire equipment is critical to this.

Transport managers can perform their independent checks to ensure that there are no items left behind or that there are mistakes in the types or the number of items set for delivery.

This is especially important during particular seasons or times of the year when deliveries pick up. Drivers and workers could be pressured to dispatch deliveries at the right time which could lead to human error. Having a checklist can control, limit—and even eliminate—the number of errors that occur, ensuring your customers get the right equipment, every time.

Include additional notes/directions for delivery

Sometimes customers may have special requests when it comes to having their hire equipment delivered. These requests must be properly conveyed to the drivers or transport managers to go the extra mile and ensure that the drivers are aware of the instructions.

Having a feature that allows transport managers to add notes or directions that could better optimise a delivery can go a long way in ensuring that customers are satisfied with their deliveries.

Based on the equipment that’s being delivered, transport managers can even direct drivers about the levels of caution they should exercise when certain items are being delivered.

RM Web Check-Out—a much-needed feature for transport managers

One of the reasons MCS Rental Software introduced the RM Web Check-Out feature is the need for such features that transport managers were searching for in hire software solutions.

A key requirement that they were searching for was the ability to see the hire equipment that was being delivered before the truck or lorry had been loaded up. Transport managers want to have control and visibility into what their fleet is delivering so that they can come up with better delivery plans and ensure that they’re meeting all the legal requirements for road haulage.

With RM Web Check-Out, transport managers have better control to plan and execute deliveries. Speak to a hire expert and learn more about how you can optimise your delivery times and achieve increased customer satisfaction.

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