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Stay in the know with all of our latest

rental news, blogs and upcoming events  

Monday, 18 December 2023

Your rental business can take care of many processes with the help of rental software, such as tracking rental assets, improving customer satisfaction, and increasing rental operations efficiency.

Even though your business is now handling almost all aspects of your asset rentals using rental software, you may still have some tasks that require physical equipment. This includes video equipment for shooting advertisements for your rental company, vehicle fleets, and small tools.

Therefore, instead of using pen and paper to manage your rental business’s internal equipment, you could try using rental equipment instead. Rental software is adaptable and very flexible, making it a very reliable software for tracking internal equipment effectively.

Let’s take a deep dive into how internal rental software can help your business manage your internal equipment.

Lets you know where your equipment is

If you’re running a large-scale rental firm, there’s always a chance that some of your internal equipment might be misplaced. Also, your inventory of internal equipment will grow over time, and this can make keeping track of equipment even harder.

By using rental software, you can treat your internal equipment just like your rental assets. The software will give you a real-time view of all your internal equipment, allowing you to keep track of who is currently using your internal equipment, when they started using the equipment, and when they’ll be returning it. This will help you monitor your equipment usage and who uses it the most.

Cuts down human error

If you have multiple people keeping track of your internal equipment using logs or spreadsheets, this could lead to mix-ups, causing problems like people who need a certain piece of equipment not receiving it or equipment temporarily going missing.

Rental software can automatically reserve your equipment without needing any human intervention. This will ensure the right equipment goes to the right person, at the right time, minimising confusion and allowing for more effective equipment planning in the long run.

Saves money on equipment

Some rental businesses may consider buying an excess of internal equipment to ensure availability. However, this can be very costly and much of the equipment may go to waste. With the help of internal rental software, you can monitor how often certain types of internal equipment are used and make smarter purchasing decisions. 

Also, you can identify which equipment needs to be replaced or upgraded and which requires maintenance. With this information, you can save a considerable amount of money on internal equipment.

Increases accountability of staff

Since internal rental software allows you to see which equipment is being used by whom, this can help you ensure that your internal equipment is returned on time so other employees can use it and maintain proper order.

Additionally, the rental software can help you track down who last used a piece of equipment before it went missing—this can help prevent potential thefts and allow you to hold staff members accountable for losing or damaging any equipment.

Allows accessibility from anywhere

Unlike when your staff uses logs to manage your internal equipment, with rental software, you can access information about your internal equipment from virtually anywhere and at any time.

This software is cloud-based and can allow every member of your staff to access information on internal equipment availability and more from even their mobile devices. 

Facilitates integration with other systems

Rental software features a robust API that allows you to connect it to your rental business’s other existing systems. This feature allows you to make your workplace more interconnected than ever before.

Also, the software can be used to create bespoke workflows to suit your business’s unique needs. For instance, if your business uses lockers to store equipment, you can send passcodes to staff members who need to use the equipment. The software can then record when the equipment was taken and remind employees to return it if they’ve had it in their possession for too long.

Discover the benefits of internal rental software today

Rental software has revolutionised the way rental businesses from around the world do their work. Aside from the management of rental assets, this software can also help your business manage internal equipment rental and further optimise your business’s rental management capabilities.

Get in touch with MCS Rental Software to explore the benefits of rental software today.

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