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Stay in the know with all of our latest

rental news, blogs and upcoming events  

Tuesday, 2 May 2023

Hire businesses have been around for decades and today, customers are demanding more. Simply providing equipment isn’t enough. Customers want transparency regarding the equipment they’re hiring and information about the quality of the equipment so that they get the best equipment. It also offers more opportunities for hire businesses to increase their footprint.

With customers looking for innovative solutions that make their purchasing experience more straightforward and hassle-free, hire businesses can reinvent themselves with heavy equipment rental software that takes the customer’s experience to the next level.

Having a brand that can meet the growing demands of customers with hire software can help set yourself apart with a range of solutions that other hire businesses simply cannot offer.

Giving customers the freedom to hire equipment instantly

When it comes to hiring equipment, customers have traditionally had to visit businesses on-site to make their reservations. While this may have worked over the years, today, customers want more convenient ways of hiring equipment.

Creating customer portals and online stores is one way of providing customers with the autonomy to make their bookings from anywhere at any time. With many businesses moving to online platforms and making convenience a part of their brand message, hire businesses need to follow suit and give customers what they’re looking for.

52% of consumers believe that their purchasing decisions are influenced by convenience and hire businesses need to give this serious consideration since customers are likely to switch brands if competitors are offering better solutions without any hassle.

Offering mobile-friendly heavy equipment rental software

Having a hire software solution is great, but having a hire software solution that can be managed on a mobile device from any location is better. Many contemporary businesses that are moving online are also considering apps designed for customers to make the hiring process simple, quick, and efficient. 

Imagine being able to reserve the equipment you want for a major project from the comfort of your mobile phone. This is what consumers are looking for from top hire businesses. With small businesses increasingly using mobile apps over the years (16% increase from 2021 to 2022), the door is open for hire businesses to use mobile solutions to make hiring equipment much simpler.

Aside from being able to reserve equipment, apps can also enable a host of other services such as e-signatures for deliveries and collections that make it easier for customers and businesses to keep track of their equipment and also remove the need for paper.

Catering to customer needs efficiently

The top brands in the world are known for their reliability. Hire businesses that want to uplift their brand must also become industry leaders when it comes to reliability, and heavy equipment rental software can help them achieve this.

It’s commonly understood that customers don’t like to wait. For instance, if you’re running a hire business manually with a lot of paperwork and you need to look for information that your client needs urgently, chances are, they’re not going to be very happy with your service. 

While manual work may have been the norm a few years ago, today, everything is being automated and has shifted to the digital sphere—including most hire businesses. 

To meet customer expectations, hire businesses need to have complete access to every hire, transaction, delivery, collection, and asset that helps them run their business. With hire software, you can easily overcome this setback by ensuring that your customers are never waiting for critical information.

When customers find a reliable hire business that meets their every requirement, they’re much less likely to search for alternative brands, which give your business a much-needed boost and more credibility.

Uplift your business with the right heavy equipment rental software

Having the right hire software has proven to be a great asset for businesses. It’s also becoming a great way for hire businesses to enhance their brand image and offer leading solutions to their customers.

While the benefits that hire software offers cannot be underestimated or overlooked, it’s important to understand that with the number of hire solutions flooding the market, hire businesses need to get a holistic solution that will lift their entire business to new heights.

This is where MCS Rental Software can help hire businesses get the solutions they need. Speak to one of our consultants today and discover how heavy equipment rental software can uplift your hire brand.

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