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Stay in the know with all of our latest

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Tuesday, 11 June 2024

employee productivity accurately

When it comes to measuring employee productivity, it is important for businesses to accurately track the time spent by employees completing a task, project, or other work-related requirements, to ensure that they fully maximise their productivity at work. 

Having an efficient and automated time tracking system can also guide human resource personnel in processing employee payroll and for managers and business owners to measure employee productivity. Accurate time management is instrumental to the success of an organisation. Depending on a manual timesheet system and making data adjustments, however, can slow down the time spent processing employee payroll, as agreed by over 25% of respondents to a Deloitte survey. 

In this blog post, we will look at one of MCS’ latest developments in their software suite—MyTimeTracker. We will look at how this software not only streamlines operations but also provides valuable insights into employee performance and overall business efficiency. 

What is MyTimeTracker? 

MyTimeTracker is a game-changer for rental businesses seeking efficient timesheet management. 

This new app empowers workers to monitor their work hours and submit reports without any difficulties through their mobile devices, which eliminates the challenges and inaccuracies of data entry through timesheets.

Not only does it reduce the time taken to calculate the hours an employee has worked to justify their payroll but it also helps avoid confusion and delays in salary payment. 

With MyTimeTracker, rental businesses can bid farewell to the headaches of traditional timesheet management and embrace a seamless, technology-driven solution that boosts productivity and employee satisfaction. 

How to use the MyTimeTracker app 

The general timesheet app allows users to log their time to calculate their productivity by applying one of two methods. 

The methods for creating time entries using MyTimeTracker include: 

1.Manual entry 

    This method allows users to create entries that may be unconnected to specific tasks. 

    2.Linking task records 

      This method of loading entries from existing task records within the MCS-rm/RM Web System can represent time spent against transport mobile and workshop mobile jobs, as well as against ad-hoc tasks allocated to a user.

      What are the benefits of using this tool? 

      Efficient timesheet management: With MyTimeTracker, management of timesheets becomes easy since rental employees can record their working hours accurately and submit their reports from anywhere in the world using their mobile devices. This eliminates the headache of data entry and physical timesheets that workers would otherwise spend the majority of their time on.  

      Saved costs: MyTimeTracker is an ideal time-tracking app that can save a significant amount of money because employing it eliminates the need for acquiring expensive hardware and software systems. It minimises the chances of costly repairs and replacements due to system failures, making it a cost-effective investment.

      Accurate time tracking: MyTimeTracker can record employees’ working hours without any discrepancies because it does not involve human intervention which could otherwise lead to processing errors. This accuracy is important for tasks such as billing and even for calculating the payroll within the organisation.  

      Convenient and accessible: The mobile nature of MyTimeTracker allows employees to easily clock in and out from their own devices, promoting flexibility and enabling remote work. This convenience enhances employee satisfaction and helps businesses manage scheduling and absences effectively.

      Automated processes: Time tracking apps like MyTimeTracker automate many processes associated with collecting and managing time data. This automation saves significant time by reducing errors that may occur during manual data entry and streamlining administrative tasks related to time tracking. 

      Get in touch with MCS to get started with MyTimeTracker 

      In conclusion, MyTimeTracker is an innovative solution that can make tracking of timesheets easier and also enforce accountability amongst rental business employees. 

      MyTimeTracker helps to facilitate a transparent system for timekeeping, real-time visibility, and professional performance analysis which creates a culture of work accountability, leading to higher levels of productivity and achievements. 

      Get in touch with our team for leading rental software solutions today. 


      How does the mobile nature of MyTimeTracker benefit employees and businesses?

      The mobile accessibility of MyTimeTracker enhances flexibility as employees can use their own devices to clock in and out which also supports remote work. This is a benefit for employees due to ease of use and it is also useful in scheduling and managing the absence of employees.

      Can MyTimeTracker help in tracking project-specific time allocations for billing purposes?

      Certainly, MyTimeTracker enables employees to allocate their work hours to specific projects or tasks, facilitating accurate billing processes and ensuring transparency in project-related time tracking for billing accuracy.

      How can rental businesses get started with MyTimeTracker?

      To begin using MyTimeTracker and experience its benefits firsthand, rental businesses can reach out to the MCS team for leading rental software solutions and guidance on implementing this innovative time-tracking tool.

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