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Stay in the know with all of our latest

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Monday, 16 October 2023

hiring automation software

From tools to construction equipment, people and businesses around the world find it more cost-effective to hire equipment rather than invest in them long-term. That being said, the hire industry has become one of the fastest-growing and most prosperous markets there is.

With the ever-growing demand for hire assets, many hire companies have turned to a solution that can help them streamline their operations, increase their efficiency, and improve customer service—automation.

Hire automation is a major feature in hire management software, which is a popular software solution that hire businesses of all shapes and sizes are adopting. 

Automation has become a game-changer for hire businesses as it allows them to optimise their processes using minimal effort while giving their customers a seamless hire experience.

Of course, every hire business is unique, so the benefits of hiring automation software will vary depending on the needs of the company. But the sheer amount of flexibility and convenience that comes with automation is undeniable, regardless of the nature of the hire company using it.

This blog post will explore how automation in hire management software has changed the hire industry forever.

Less work and low personnel expenses

Before automation became stable in hire businesses, employees had to do everything manually, from creating hire contracts to managing inventory. Also, staff members had to step in during every part of the hire process to make transactions go smoothly.

Thanks to automation, constant staff intervention is no longer required; daily tasks such as checking hire asset availability, communicating with customers about pick-up and return details, processing payments, and setting maintenance schedules can be automated.

With automation handling previously manual tasks, staff members have their workloads reduced and this helps bring down personnel costs significantly. In addition, automation frees up staff members so that they can focus on other important tasks, thereby boosting operational efficiency and productivity.

Long operating hours

Hire companies that use hiring automation software are no longer constrained by traditional working hours. This allows customers to book, hire, collect, and return hire assets whenever they want.

Since automation allows hire businesses to operate around the clock, they have more sales opportunities. Additionally, thanks to the software’s online functionality, customers can access a hire business’ services from anywhere and this, in turn, helps drive hire demand and sales.

Short hire times

With automation, hire businesses have significantly reduced the costs and time associated with hire processes. This allows hire companies to have shorter hire periods which wouldn’t have been financially possible if their processes were done manually.

For example, customers can now choose flexible hire periods and only pay for the amount of time they actually used the asset. This allows hire businesses to widen their customer base and increase hire turnover.

Reduced waiting times

Since automated hire software digitises the entire hire process, customers no longer have to deal with long waiting times when they’re booking, collecting, or returning hire assets. 

Customers can now book hire assets instantly with just a click of a button or by entering a code. These capabilities can speed up the hire process significantly, making the hire process much more efficient and convenient for customers.

Standardised processes

In most cases, each staff member has their own way of performing the same daily tasks, but this may not always improve efficiency. 

Automation, however, follows the same steps to complete daily hire-related tasks and doesn’t stray from the rules the hire company has set. In other words, automation allows hire companies to standardise processes so that they can increase transparency across the organisation and achieve consistent results.

Discover what hiring automation software can do for your company

Automation has enabled hire businesses to level up their hire management capabilities and unlock a plethora of benefits such as increased profitability and high levels of customer satisfaction, time-saving, and cost-cutting.

If your hire businesses still haven’t fully embraced the convenience of automation—now’s the time to do so. At MCS Rental Software, we offer a range of customised hire software solutions for hire businesses of all kinds—get in touch with our team today.

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