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Stay in the know with all of our latest

rental news, blogs and upcoming events  

Friday, 1 December 2023

sanitation rental software

Construction sites and event management companies are some of the main organisations that need portable sanitation equipment. 

But with such a high demand comes many challenges that your sanitation rental business may struggle to handle without some help. These challenges may include managing your inventory, keeping track of your sanitation equipment when they’re rented out, and making sure that they are in excellent condition.

However, with sanitation rental software, you’ll be able to manage rental processes more efficiently and serve clients more effectively. Here’s a look at why your company should consider investing in this innovative software solution.

1. Makes scheduling easier to keep up with the demand

The demand for portable toilets changes rapidly depending on the season. For example, during the holiday season, there will be a spike in outdoor events, and with this, an increase in the demand for portable sanitation.

With sanitation rental software, you can meet these ever-changing demands by giving customers 24-hour access to your business via an online store and customer portal. 

When demand increases, your customers can freely rent out portable toilets whenever they want by simply logging in from their homes or offices. This way, your staff won’t need to be online every hour, even during high-demand seasons, for customers to make rental bookings.

2. Improves delivery tracking and routing

When clients need portable toilets for very limited-time events, such as outdoor sports events and concerts, the delivery of the toilets will need to be managed efficiently.

With sanitation rental software, you can schedule deliveries more accurately and track the location of your rental sanitation equipment in real time. This will help ensure that all sanitation equipment is delivered to your customers on time and without any mishaps.

Also, the software can help you find the optimal route for your deliveries. This can help get your rental portable toilets to customers safely and without delays.

3. Creates custom sales reports

As a portable sanitation rental business, you’re always keeping an eye on the changing trends in the portable sanitation rental market. This process can be made much easier with the help of rental software solutions.

This software will allow you to create sales reports that can be fully customised according to key factors that are unique to your business. For instance, you can set the reports to give you data on sales during the festive season.

Also, this software can produce insightful graphs that can help you see the changes in demand over time and the revenue you are making.

4. Helps avoid restroom malfunctions

Without proper maintenance, portable toilets can malfunction and this can lead to accidents and dissatisfied customers. 

Fortunately, with rental software, you can monitor the condition of each of your assets and schedule regular maintenance to ensure that they’re in excellent condition before going out to customers.

When your portable toilets are well-maintained and reliable, customers are more likely to reach out for your services again in the future. Well-maintained rental equipment will also attract positive reviews and boost customer satisfaction. 

5. Offers better control of portable toilet inventory

As mentioned before, the market for portable toilets is a very demanding one, especially during certain times of the year. 

During these periods of time, you might even be sending out your rental assets in bulk, and this could lead to you losing track of your current stock.

To prevent these kinds of issues, rental software can help you keep an accurate count of your stocks. The software will tell you what your current stock levels are and will even notify you via smart alerts if the stock levels fall below a certain level.

Discover the benefits of sanitation rental software

Rental software has helped many businesses in the sanitation equipment rental industry give the best possible service to their customers.

To fully discover the many benefits of rental software for portable toilet rental businesses, get in touch with MCS Rental Software today.

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