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Boost your resource planning efficiency

Make all your hire business’ internal resources fully visible and ensure that your most qualified staff members are given the right tasks with better resource planning.

Profitable assets

Ensuring your hire equipment is in peak operating condition by issuing scheduled maintenance alerts and tracking the costs of repairs.

Boost your resource planning efficiency

Make all your hire business’ internal resources fully visible and ensure that your most qualified staff members are given the right tasks with better resource planning.


Centralise your resource scheduling

With the Resource Planner, you can get a complete overview of all your resources and you can centralise scheduling for all your resources, including your staff and vehicles.


Optimise resource allocation

Maximise productivity and efficiency by ensuring that every staff member is matched with tasks that perfectly match their qualifications through the resource planning feature.


Improve resource forecasting

With resource planning, you can accurately predict the future requirements of your resources. This will help you avoid issues like double booking and deliver tasks efficiently.

Additional features

Tailor resources to your hire business

  • With the Resource Planner, you can easily manage the shift patterns of your resources, set their individual qualifications and attributes, and define task time estimates.

Track your high-demand resources

  • The Resource Planner gives you a complete view of your resources. You can highlight any downfalls of your resources and reductions in the performance of your resources.

Experience our innovative hire solution

Here are some other great features you can expect from our hire software:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Take on a more proactive approach to your marketing campaigns and nurture your main customers and prospects more efficiently with effective customer relationship management.


Ensure that all service records, plans for maintenance, and records of asset losses and damage are kept up to date to ensure that your equipment is suitable for hire.


Manage all your suppliers using one easy-to-use system while keeping control of all your expenditure related to repair for your hire equipment, stocks, rehires, and spares.

Dashboards & Business Intelligence

You’ll gain insightful hire data that will allow you to gauge your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses while also understanding changes in hire trends and more.

Electronic Trading

Electronically send and receive financial, supplier, and customer documents. This can help save you hours of paperwork and put your labour resources to better use.

Document Management

Take on a paperless approach to documentation management through documents on an online database. This will make it easier to retrieve and store relevant documents.

Smart Alerts

Custom alerts will chime in, making you aware of any issues as soon as they arise. This will help you address issues related to your business efficiently and proactively.

Resource Planner

Have more control and visibility of your internal resources, ensuring that the right staff members are assigned to the right tasks to enable more optimised  workflows.

Online Shop

With an online shop, you can offer your prospects and customers an easy and convenient place to reserve hirable assets, whenever they want to and wherever they want it.

Customer Portal

With a fully-fledged customer portal, your customers will have access to round-the-clock self-service and information. This will help boost customer loyalty.

MCS Telematics Hub

Get full access to your telematics data; everything from increased revenue to the recovery of stolen assets. This will help you improve the productivity of your hire fleet.

MCS E-Sign

Streamline the process of getting hire quotations with MCS E-Sign. This will allow your customers to sign documents with just a click.

Mobile Rental Tools

Have complete control of your hire business while you’re on the go with hire software mobile apps. Get real-time insights, work both online and offline, and manage your team in a stress-free way.

Cloud Rental Solutions

All data related to your hire business will be stored in a safe and secure cloud database that’s managed by highly experienced IT professionals.

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